Our Services.

When it comes to concreting in Darwin, trust us locals. Here at JGA Concreting, we are familiar with Darwin's weather conditions and know what it takes to utilise concrete that'll stand the test of time.

We deliver quality on all aspects of concrete work, from preparation to placement and finishing. No matter the size of the job, we've got the skills and expertise for it!

We can assist you with:

  • Driveways
  • Commercial slabs
  • House slabs
  • Paths
  • Suspending slabs
  • Stairs
  • High Rise buildings

We also specialise in many different styles of concreting, to ensure you get the exact look that you're after.

We don't crack
when it comes to concrete.

Colour concrete

Colour is infused into pre-mixed concrete prior to delivery, so it is not a topping or spray-on finish. By opting for colour concrete, any damage from chips or scratches won't effect your surface colour. Coloured concrete is typically low-maintenance and resistant to UV rays and fading-a great option for jazzing up plain grey concrete!

Ask about our wide range of concrete colours.

Exposed aggregated

This concrete has aggregates (such as stones or pebbles) mixed throughout the pre-mix concrete. By using special techniques, the aggregates become exposed and set through the top of the concrete. This look is perfect for driveways, entertaining areas, outdoor pathways and more. We have a diverse variety of aggregates and colours to choose from.

Polished concrete

The concrete surface is polished using progressively finer grinding pads. Surface sealer or wax is then applied to create a lustrous finish. Whether it's a new or existing concrete floor, we are able to polish them. We can also add various aggregates or stains to new floors to achieve your desired effect. Your surface will remain durable and require little maintenance for years.

Plain Grey

If you simply need some classic concrete laid down, plain grey is perfect. The finish can either be covered or flat, allowing the final job to look as simple or as elaborate as you want. We can also broom finish plain grey concrete so it is ready for tiling.

Need some help determining the amount of concrete you need? Don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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